Welcome to Barnyard's Best. Our happy hens have been giving us eggs for almost fifty years. Our farm is located near the town Ephrata, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our chickens live on small family farms where they are free to roam about, flap their wings, take a dust bath, and even go visit the neighbor. Even though many chickens are penned up in cruel cages, our hens are always happy. We feed them a rich meal of hearty, healthy grains. Also, we supply them with a constant supply of fresh water.

And in return they lay their golden jewels in the nest where the farmer is pleased to find them. After we process the eggs for your safety, we put them in your own special box of Barnyard's Best eggs. Then we bring the eggs to your local stores and farmers markets. As you pick up your next dozen of eggs, remember the happy hens that gave them to you.